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Individual Therapy

Do you feel like anxiety or depression are controlling your life? Do you feel disconnected from others, yourself or God? You are not alone and this isn't over. Many struggle to see the benefit of therapy when they feel lost or frustrated. Yet, there is hope.

In individual counseling we can work specifically with the areas you find most troubling. Find healing and joy through individual counseling sessions. Although I work with a variety of issues, I am more specifically trained in the areas of trauma, anxiety, boundaries & relationships, depression, and Christian counseling.

$100-120 per session

Sessions of 50-60 minutes with an initial assessment fee of $40.


Radiant Life Counseling offers cognitive processing therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectic behaviorial therapy, schema therapy, and Christian counseling
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


Couples Therapy

Do you find yourself constantly dealing with the same old issues and feeling at odds with your spouse? Do you struggle to communicate effectively and even feel emotionally disconnected? Don't give up, your situation is not hopeless.

Relationships -though beautiful and life-giving- always require hard work to reap their rewards. In couples counseling, we can work to identify the relational blocks between you and foster a greater sense of commitment and connection to each other. I can also provide Christian-integrated, evidenced-based treatment, as my specialty, to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

$100-125 per session

Sessions of 50-60 minutes start at $100-125, with an initial assessment fee of $100 (which includes a couples' online, professional checkup).


Teletherapy / Online Counseling

Are you a Michigan resident looking for a solution to your therapeutic needs that go beyond face-to-face sessions? Do you have access to a confidential space of your own? Online counseling can be a convenient avenue of therapeutic support and has shown to be a promising alternative to the in-person tradition of psychotherapy. We offer confidential sessions using a secure and simple platform through a patient portal.

We offer no additional fee for teletherapy. Pricing is dependent upon the type of service offered and is identical to previously listed prices.

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