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"The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it."
Hello and welcome to Radiant Life Counseling Center.
It is my hope that you will find a full, renewed, and radiant life here! I have therapy experience with (complex) trauma, anxiety, relationships, grief, and marriage counseling, with specialties in Christian counseling and teletherapy. I use evidenced-based treatments (i.e. CBT, ACT, DBT) to address your goals and help you overcome your mental health battles. Because I do not take insurance, I recognize cost of care can be limiting. Thus, I work hard to maximize the potential of each session (unhindered by insurance limitations) to provide you with the best care possible. 
I believe that no matter the darkness you have experienced, new life IS possible. Indeed, without an understanding of darkness, we would not appreciate the beauty of light, nor the hunger for it. Having a radiant life does not mean a life without pain--but rather a life of transformation, empowerment, and joy despite that pain.
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Individual Therapy

Do you feel like anxiety or depression are controlling your life? Do you feel disconnected from others, yourself or God? You are not alone. Many struggle to see the benefit of therapy when they feel lost or frustrated. Yet, there is hope. In individual counseling we can work specifically with the areas you find most troubling. Though I work with a variety of issues, I am more specifically trained in the areas of trauma, anxiety, boundaries &  relationships, depression, and Christian counseling. 


$85 per session

First appointment includes an additional 30 minutes and $35 assessment fee. 


Couples Therapy

Do you find yourself always at odds with your spouse and wonder if things will ever change? Relationships--though beautiful and life-giving--are always hard work. Don’t give up. In couples counseling we can work to identify the relational blocks between you and foster a greater sense of commitment and connection to each other. I can also provide Christian-integrated, evidenced-based treatment, as my specialty. 

$100 per session

First appointment includes an additional 30 minutes and $80 fee, which includes a comprehensive couple's checkup.


Group Therapy

Ever wondered if group counseling is right for you? Now opening a new Trauma Recovery Group for women, designed to decrease Trauma's impact on your life and help you flourish! This group is for those who have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse/trauma (particularly in childhood), and have engaged in some therapy work before with no self-harm or substance use in the past 6 months. If you would like to further understand the impact of trauma on your life, and build supportive relationships, this is the group for you!

$50 per group session

Intake (individual) appointments are priced at $50 per 50-minute assessment.


Teletherapy / Online Counseling

Do you live in Michigan and have a confidential space of your own? Online counseling can be a convenient avenue of therapeutic support, and has shown to be a promising alternative to the face-to-face tradition of psychotherapy. I offer confidential sessions using a secure and simple platform through a patient portal. 

Pricing is dependent upon the type of service offered, and is identical to previously listed prices. I offer no additional fee for teletherapy. 



Heather Marscheider, MA, TLLP, LLPC

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist, Limited Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi there! I’m Heather, a limited licensed psychologist, counselor, and founder of Radiant Life Counseling Center serving the metro Detroit and Downriver areas. While not a native “Michigander”, I have come to love the beauty and culture of Michigan in many ways (cider and donuts, anyone?). Originally from Kansas, I received my Bachelor's degree in Missouri and Master's degree in Arizona. Most recently I completed my second Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary, with a specialty in trauma-informed care and Christian integration. (Hover over the "Services" tab to find out more about

treatment options and specialties)


My desire to start Radiant Life originated from a desire to bring life-transforming, holistic care to a community that is typically overlooked and undervalued--places that more readily reflect darkness than they do light. And yet, it is in these spaces where new life is most possible, and people are most ready to rise up and seek change. I love that about this city, and want all my clients to know that change is possible for them--no matter what they've done or experienced, or from where they originate. This is especially true of my story: Despite the obstacles, God has always helped me overcome.  

**Supervised by a fully licensed psychologist and professional counselor




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