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 Radiant Life Counseling offers PTSD and Trauma therapy treatment in the areas of metro detroit, downriver and southgate, Michigan

Individual Therapy

Radiant Life Counseling offers marriage and couples counseling in the areas of metro detroit, downriver and southgate, Michigan

Couples Therapy

Radiant Life Counseling offers group therapy sessions in the areas of metro detroit, downriver and Wyandotte, Michigan

Group Therapy


At Radiant Life Counseling Center we recognize that paying for therapy can be a commitment. Thus, we want to make sure you feel confident in your investment.

Options are available below. While it is hard to predict the length of therapy needed, we promise to utilize the best treatment options to ensure your sessions are as effective as possible.

Discount Rates Available?

At Radiant Life, we want to give back where we can and to those who commit their lives to serve others. Discount rates are available on a select basis for active military members and veterans, first responders, teachers, and those in full-time ministry. Please inquire during your free consultation call.

Insurance? Superbill Reimbursement?

Radiant Life Counseling Center, LLC, is an Out-Of-Network provider, meaning that we currently do not accept insurance. Simply put, we believe that being a private-pay clinic allows us to offer you a higher standard of care, maintain greater privacy and confidentiality for you, and give you more control over your therapy. We can work together to navigate this process, by providing you with a form called a “Superbill”, which you may then turn into your insurance for possible reimbursement. This means that you are responsible for the session fee at the time of our appointment, and depending on your insurance plan, you may be reimbursed a certain percentage of that by your insurance. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask during our consultation meeting.

Card Security?

Radiant Life Counseling Center, LLC has taken the time to ensure your payment information is kept secure and confidential. We meet the Standards of the Payment Card Industry in order to make sure card transactions don't put consumer data at risk and by maintaing PCI compliance not even your therapist can see your card information. Rest assured, your card information is kept completely confidential.

Accept HSA or FSA Payment

Payment is accepted through HSA/FSA, debit/credit card, or check/cash. If using check or cash, payment must be made in advance. If you have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you can use these pre-tax dollars to pay for therapy, as we qualify as a “medical/health expense”. To do so, enter your HSA/FSA card info into the "payment authorization form" in place of the credit/debit information.