"The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."


This quote from the Book of John is the heartbeat behind Radiant Life, and readily expresses the mission behind it: Providing life-transformative and holistic therapy to help people overcome darkness and take hold of truly radiant life. 

Radiant Life is a psychological counseling practice that offers therapy services to anyone in need. We desire to bring light and hope to any issues you are facing with the utmost compassion and clinical excellence.

We do this according to our strong convictions that nothing is impossible with God, and that (if you trust Him) Jesus can bring you healing and fullness of life. Indeed, everyone deserves true hope that is grounded in something bigger than themselves.


With roots in Biblical faith, we employ the techniques and modalities of evidence-based treatments to provide authentic holistic care, and offer high-quality services to the broader community of Metro Detroit. Even if you don't personally align with these truths, you are always welcome at Radiant Life, as we will tailor our services to best suit you!

Heather Marscheider, a Limited Licensed Pyschologist and Professional Counselor with a holistic and trauma informed approach to therapy, providing services in the downriver area of Wyandotte, MI

Meet your therapist

Heather Marscheider, MA, LLPC, LLP

Hi there! I’m Heather, a limited licensed psychologist, counselor, and founder of Radiant Life Counseling Center serving the metro Detroit and Downriver areas. While not a native “Michigander”, I have come to love the beauty and culture of Michigan in many ways (cider and donuts, anyone?). Originally from Kansas, I received my Bachelor's degree in Missouri and Master's degree in Arizona. Most recently I completed my second Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary, with a specialty in trauma-informed care and Christian integration. (Hover over the "Services" tab to find out more about treatment options and specialties). I'm a genuine people person with a disposition (indeed, a calling) to help others, with a strong commitment to bringing the best care possible.

My mission when opening Radiant Life Counseling originated from a desire to bring life-transforming, holistic care to a community that is typically underserved and to places that more readily reflect darkness than they do light. I believe that under these circumstances is where new life is most possible and where people are most ready to rise up and seek change. I want to advocate for those who want to embark on a journey to transforming and bring joy and peace into their lives. I want all my clients to know that change is possible for them, no matter what they've done or experienced, or from where they originate. This is especially true of my story: Despite the obstacles, God has always helped me overcome.


**Supervised by a fully licensed psychologist and professional counselor.

Denise Fuller, MA, TLLP

How I Can Help

Hi - I'm Denise Fuller!  I am passionate about helping my clients throughout the southeast Michigan area achieve their spiritual and personal goals through integration of biblical and psychological principles. The essence of my work is to facilitate growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them.   I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.


My approach to psychotherapy is integrative and utilizes a variety of empirically validated therapeutic techniques.  I believe that every person is unique and valuable, and as such, a comprehensive and compassionate treatment should be tailored to meet the unique needs and strengths of each person. I endeavor to create a safe, collaborative atmosphere, where clients feel valued, accepted, and respected. My goal is to empower clients with the tools to be able to evaluate situations, relationships and behaviors in their lives that are causing stress and assist them in learning how to navigate, manage and cope with them.


For any person seeking Christian-centered treatment, I specialize in Christian integration which connects Christian theology and spiritual formation with the interventions used in therapy. When using Christian integration, I seek to offer compassionate and thoughtful spiritual care and guidance to treat client’s presenting problems.

**Supervised by a fully licensed psychologist.

Denise Fuller.webp

Shalini Sabu, MA, TLLP, LLPC

Hi there! I am Shalini and I am a limited licensed Psychologist and Counselor excited to the serve metro Detroit. Though born and raised the Southernmost part of India, I have learned to love the fall colors and the beautiful snow filled winters of Michigan. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Business Administration from India and I recently graduated with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary, specializing in holistic, trauma -informed care with Christian Integration. My aim in life is to help people who are in need and provide the best possible care.

My mission in choosing this profession is to help people find their real purpose and provide a holistic care to the community I live around especially to the immigrant community who get lost emotionally in a new place. I believe that under any circumstances, light shines brighter than the darkness of the circumstances one goes through. I want my clients to know however hard their circumstance is there is always hope and that hope would give them strength to build a radiant life.  I want all my clients also to know that change is possible for them, no matter what they've done or experienced, or from where they originate.


This is especially true of me:

“Nothing is impossible by God”

**Supervised by a fully licensed psychologist and professional counselor.

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist,
Limited Licensed Professional Counselor